Living a zero waste lifestyle is something many people are becoming increasingly conscious of. Some go all the way, eliminating near all harmful products, materials and processes out of their lives completely. To those select good Samaritans of sustainability, respect. But for the rest of us, our best intentions are frequently hindered. The reality is that even when we can access what we think might be good for the planet, this often isn’t entirely the case. This is particularly true for many of the products people use in their daily routines, making committing to the cause more trouble than it should be worth. Our very own Design Director Rach knows the struggle all too well. So much so, that she decided to do something about it. Rach was going to start a business; conducting thorough research on the products she loves using for herself, to curate packs of zero waste products available for purchase for the rest of us.

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The Problem:

Zero time to waste

Too much green


We worked together with Rach to unearth a brand name that would best position the business to stand out amongst a busy landscape of ‘eco’ warriors and zero wasters. And trust us, there’s a fair few. Examining competitors, it quickly became apparent how overwhelming finding trustworthy products has become for consumers, many of which are busy professionals and young families who lack the time to find out what’s beyond the label.

Various competitors in the market have names that feel earthy and natural, though lack in imagination and diversity. With this in mind, the brand name needed to reflect exactly what the business has to offer so that it’s accessible without sounding preachy. Beyond this, the name had to be clever enough to stand out; encapsulating the casual yet playful personality of the brand in order to best engage time-poor consumers.

The Solution:

Ahead of the pack

A ‘no fuss’ name


After a thorough, step-by-step naming process, we landed on Zilch. The name clearly positions the business within the zero waste market, but places it a step ahead of the pack. It speaks to the removal of time and effort that goes into endlessly researching products because that’s already been taken care of. The short and sweet tone fits perfectly with the ‘no fuss’ personality of the brand and it’s particularly easy to remember. And it’s just fun to say. Go on, try it.

Zilch lends itself to justifiably assured language that’s used across everything from the brand’s packaging to its online presence, from the store to social. While a name alone can’t do all the work, Zilch seamlessly ties back to the core essence of the brand. A brand that eliminates decision fatigue for the consumer, by presenting trustworthy zero waste alternatives at the click of a button, and maintaining empathy that ‘change happens in small steps.’ And for a name that translates to quite literally absolutely nothing, what it’s actually doing is very much the opposite. In fact, it’s doing quite a lot.

At Goodwork, we approach naming through a methodical lens. Before this, we complete comprehensive brand strategy and use these outcomes to inform the naming process. And at some point during all of this, we manage to fit a few beers in. Why? So that we can create a long-lasting, impactful brand name that clearly and creatively encompasses what your brand is all about, while providing a unique identifier that resonates with your audience.

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