uncompromised living

Star Homes embraces the wish lists of design-conscious families to build ultimate dream homes tailored to their individual needs. With a passion for pursuing excellence and commitment to quality, Star Homes deliver everything their clients wish for and more. They strive for honesty, directness and to always remain humble in all endeavours.

In order to build any architectonic foundation, you need a plan. Goodwork built a brand identity that communicates this ethos through graphically stylised visuals—a constellation or grid and connecting lines and shapes—alongside warm and honest messaging. The identity is unique in that its visual elements shift and change seamlessly, just like Star Homes make sure the personalised living needs of each client are met without compromise.

the good stuff

  • brand strategy
  • visual identity
  • art direction and design
  • brand collateral
  • environmental signage
  • website design

more good stuff