Positioning Pop & Weasel to put their best foot forward.

Our friend Fleur Dowker came to us with a mission: to take the first step in a life-long dream of making children’s footwear for the creative in all of us. Fleur spent her summers playing the lead role in her own production of The Princess and the Persimmons on the family orchard in Whangarei, New Zealand. Little did she know at the time that the seed of an idea was being sown. That idea soon turned into a dream to change the way the world thinks about kids shoes—from the ground up. But before we could embark on the next chapter of this tale, we needed a name.

To kick things off, we worked together with Fleur through a comprehensive creative strategy session that was both fun and insightful, allowing us to explore all possibilities and learn as much as we possibly could. At the heart of it all, we discovered that the purpose of this brand would be to encourage children and parents alike to embrace their own unique sense of creativity and in doing so bring to life a world within; one that can sometimes get left behind when we grow up.

Much like Fleur, the shoes are vibrant and inspired. But most of all, they’re fun. Her bold designs stand tall as a collective platform to promote freedom of self-expression. Wearing a pair will be a reassurance for kids that they don’t need to blend into the crowd. They can feel safe just to be themselves. With that in mind, we wanted the name to represent this sense of comfort and encouragement, while maintaining the right level of playfulness. Almost like an imaginary friend—always there when they’re needed most.

And so Pop & Weasel was born. A play on the song that many children and adults like, know and love, but also interpret in their own way. The song itself is said to not hold any actual official meaning, rather it’s simply ‘whatever you make of it’. We love how this links to the sense of imagination Fleur inspires in every shoe. To add to this, Pop & Weasel become two special guardians that will always be with the wearer, wherever life takes them. Pop & Weasel understand the wearer better than anybody else they meet along the way, because as it turns out they were right there with them all along.

Got your Pops?

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The wordmark draws on the idea of transformation through imagination using something as ordinary as a shoelace—a simple object otherwise overlooked. The shoelace forms the ampersand in the wordmark and is used throughout the identity to support language and act as graphics. Paired with a bright, age-appropriate palette, the result is equal parts creative, fun and professional.

The brand language of Pop & Weasel carries unlimited potential as it playfully appropriates and re-frames well-known terms or phrases that are particularly recognisable to parents such as ‘Top of the Pops’ or ‘Weezy’s’ in what we like to refer to as Pop (and Weasel) Culture.

The personality of the brand shines through its language—creating memorable moments for parents and children alike. As would an imaginary best friend, Pop & Weasel are always there, sharing encouraging hidden messages and moments of inspiration in sometimes unexpected places, like inside a shoe or a shoebox.

"The name of my brand was above and beyond all else, the most important part of the branding journey for me. It needed to completely encapsulate the essence of my product while also maintaining the integrity of my brand. Goodwork listened to every aspect of what I had to say and took on board the brands history and all things related to the brands future. The naming process was an incredible amount of fun, an awesome chance to delve deeper into all things possible and a seriously great opportunity to get advice from a truly fabulous professional group of experts."

—Fleur Dowker

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