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Jen Nohra – lifestyle coach, mentor, trainer, legend. There’s nothing we love more at Goodwork than beating personal bests and pushing ahead in the name of high performance and personal development. For us, Jen represented exactly that and so partnering with her to bring to life a new visual expression of her energy and entrepreneurial adventures had us ready to make the most of this opportunity for transformation.


Jen’s business required a powerful platform from which to communicate her purpose, values and focus within the fitness industry. Through The Good Framework, we surfaced unique insights on the connections between the physical body and cognitive mind within her own brand. As a Lifestyle Coach, Mentor and Master Personal Trainer plus through her Gestalt Psychotherapy training, we were able to balance these disciplines within the identity itself.
Transforming Jen’s personal brand was all about revealing creative connections between mind, body, heart and soul. Her approach to her business is all about bridging these physical and cognitive connections, and like her means of coaching we have played off visual contrasts through the elements of the brand, revealing the two distinct sides at play in every client relationship.

that’s goodwork

The human body is as good as it gets. We believe in the power of personal development, physical exercise and high performance coaching to get the most out of life. We love developing personal brands, and for us Jen’s brand represented the philosophy of ‘doing damn good work for damn good people’.

the good stuff

  • brand strategy
  • tone of voice/brand story
  • brand identity
  • brand guidelines
  • stationary collateral

The Goodwork team have provided for such phenomenal support in the work they’ve done for me. The amount of time and dedication put into the brand was above anything I’ve experienced. The team came up with some amazing strategies together and a few different concepts. I am ever so grateful for what you have created. Thank you. Goodwork is the way.

Jen Nohra Lifestyle Coach, Mentor & Trainer

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