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Hivery is an artificial intelligence company focused on helping companies generate a return on retail space investment through AI-backed smarts in product recommendations, price learning, space rationalisation, and smart promotion. Goodwork was brought on board to translate their name into a compelling new visual identity.


Hivery came to goodwork with a business name inspired by the intricacies of the beehive. The bees symbolise the team who gather nectar (knowledge) from the flowers (client’s data) and digest it into honey (wealth). Hivery develops technologies that integrate with existing enterprise platforms that are human centred and intuitive. They take what was previously impossible for a human to solve in data, and use this to create solutions that are simple, understandable and help them achieve great things. Responding to the brief, goodwork developed a beautiful new identity designed to be versatile, flexible and nimble. The logo acts as a container device for both graphics and photography that can be adapted to any audience they wish to communicate to.

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At goodwork, our partnerships with digital-first brands represents an important focus on supporting technology businesses with creative solutions that understand the nuances and needs of their audiences. We believe in supporting businesses that use technology to enrich people’s lives.

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