Where data and design meet.

Hivery is an artificial intelligence company focused on helping companies generate a return on retail space investment through AI-backed smarts in product recommendations, price learning, space rationalisation, and promotional effectiveness. Hivery develops technologies that integrate with existing enterprise platforms that are both human-centred and intuitive.

Hivery has partnered with Goodwork since 2016, with our team providing both strategic and creative services for this world-class start-up including brand strategy, nomenclature naming systems and brand architecture for Hivery’s suite of products, creative design services extending from complete brand development through to product design development, internal engagement and the rollout of branded collateral to support Hivery’s global expansion.

Hivery’s name and identity is inspired by the intricacies of the beehive. The bees symbolise the team who gather knowledge (nectar) from the client’s data (flowers) and digest it into wealth (honey) – together creating a name and narrative that led to the successful development of a versatile, flexible and most importantly human-centered brand at the forefront of technology.

Today, this brand is recognised and rewarded around the world – busy working behind the scenes with some of the world’s biggest brands. To support this growth, we have recently delivered a number of new applications for both external and internal audiences. These included new digital brand guidelines, multiple templates and additional supporting brand collateral setting Hivery up for continued growth and success – from the inside out.

the good stuff

  • Brand extension
  • Brand guidelines
  • Art direction and design
  • Digital design
  • Brand collateral
  • Environmental Signage

more good stuff