it was time to give the world less of what it wants and more of what it needs.


Over the past 12 months, the agency formerly known as Bench began to explore new ways of working with our clients. As we uncovered opportunities in previously unexplored places, we realised there was a missing link between creativity and sustainability. In theory, the two were quite the opposite. One talks about bringing new things into existence, while the other is all about maintaining existing ones. But in all this, ideas began to click. We realised that these seemingly opposing forces, when put together held a unique power. A power to look at what we do as creatives in a new way. In a world continuously wanderlusting for the next new thing, this all too often comes at a cost – socially, environmentally, politically and more. We realised that we had a unique opportunity and responsibility to create in ways that give the world perhaps a little less of what it wants and more of what it actually needs.


It was around the time of our work with our wonderful client ACON and the creation of the Inner Circle campaign that we started diving deeper into this idea. This work was successful in bringing people together, and so we set about transforming our clients’ brands to do the same. Brands that celebrate community and equality. Brands that live, work and play with real purpose. Every agency craves the brief that makes work feel like play. The brief that, like a good book, you just can’t put down. The brief that means late nights but also plenty of laughter. The brief that doesn’t just move people but ultimately shifts perspective. Goodwork is a celebration of doing good work for good people. So if that’s you, we’d love to have a chat.

that’s goodwork

We use the term sustainably creative to describe design that incorporates environmental and eco principles into our process. Sustainability for us also means building longevity into a brand’s identity to maintain greater creative control in an ever-changing market. We partner with clients to create simple, human, authentic and most importantly, effective brands that people love to connect with and work for. Our work is never set and forget. We’re all about real relationships that continue to reward clients long after a brand has launched.

the good stuff

  • brand strategy
  • visual and verbal identity
  • naming, tone of voice and copywriting
  • studio/environments branding
  • animation

We create substance, not the superficial. We’re responsible for our role in the business of creativity. Recognising that we’re always building something bigger than ourselves. Everything we focus on in our identity work is about delivering more value, more purpose and more why for clients.

Penny, goodwork

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