From dancing with designers to business continuity in the pandemic

published 16 April 2020

In part two of our Good (Remote) Work – James talks about everything from dancing with designers to business continuity planning in the pandemic.

Get your hands on this.
I was recently invited to collaborate on an exciting language project for the team at Shopify in Berlin. Rather than writing independently of the software that designers were using to bring the work to life, I collaborated with and wrote directly into their designs using Figma. My first thought was, “are you serious?”. I mean letting the writer loose on the design tools, what could possibly go wrong. However, Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that enables everyone (and I mean everyone) to be involved, in real time, in everything from prototyping to developing design systems. In ten years of writing for design, I’d never experienced such an effortless interplay between the visual and verbal components of the brand building process. I’d go as far as calling it a dance. Whereas previously, I was practicing the robot in a quiet corner of my writer’s cabin – with Figma, suddenly my pen was thrust front and centre in an ecstatic exchange; a complete contact improvisation with the design team. For me on Figma, check out

Is your Plan B fast becoming your Plan A? Maybe you need a Plan C.
Developed in New Zealand by the good sorts over at Rush Digital, Plan C is a business continuity planning tool delivering unparalleled insights on how to keep your organisation running if a pandemic occurs. It provides a clear view from organisational-wide challenges down to those at an individual employee level. From understanding the percentage of your people unable to access your network remotely to data on those who have direct interaction with the public – Plan C is a way for organisations to accurately assess what’s required to keep the business running at times like, well, at times like now. Check out

James Cooper, Director of Strategy and Language.