For the love of post-it notes and a story about a rooster

published 16 April 2020

Introducing the Good (Remote) Work series, a three-part party bringing together our favourite tools, tips and (possibly) tipples to live your best (remote work) life. Take it away James, on his third coffee.

A couple of favourite tools for collaboration (apart from coffee).
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, post-it notes need-not be a thing of the past in these changing times. I first stumbled upon remote collaboration tool Mural, a few years back while simultaneously trying to motorcycle through South America while keeping clients back home on track. The platform puts remote teams in the same room, helping them collaborate visually to solve important problems (with digital post-its). If the sticky icky isn’t your thing and you’re more of a classic whiteboard kind of human – check out Miro. Miro is great for ideation and brainstorming, agile working, journey mapping, strategy, planning and stick figures named Steve (you’ll thank me in isolation week three). Shout-out to my smarter sibling Claire for introducing me to both of these tools.

An embarrassingly good story about a rooster.
I’ll never forget those four words, “was that a rooster?”. Digital nomads will understand this one. Perhaps one of the most hilariously frustrating things about working remotely is contesting with an ever-changing chorus of coffee machines, children, road noise and dear I say it…roosters (I’ll share the full story another time). If only I had heard of Krisp, as Krisp would have heard them and removed the background noise. Krisp utilises the world’s best AI-powered noise cancelling technology, which adapts to your voice and improves over time. It works both ways and is not only great for conferencing and calls from the road – I’ve even introduced it to clients as a cost-effective podcasting tool.

James Cooper, Director Strategy & Language.