CyberSuite is a specialist Australian cyber security consultancy, a pioneering provider of risk prevention solutions for local businesses against emerging global threats. We’re proud to announce our partnership with award-winning cyber insurance experts, Emergence, continues with the development of this exciting new brand, built for Australian businesses.

Building on the success of our rebrand of Emergence, Goodwork was brought in to create an end-to-end creative proposition extending from the smart risk protection of Emergence to specialist risk prevention of CyberSuite. The consultancy-led approach of CyberSuite is driven by a modular service offering that focuses on an economical and educational output of cyber risk prevention strategies purpose fit for the local market. CyberSuite brings the latest global thinking, methodologies and strategic partners together, translating the complexity of cyber risk prevention into straightforward solutions that help businesses make the right start on their cyber journey.

To support this, we positioned CyberSuite as the pivotal partner in cyber risk prevention, delivering solutions with simplicity and utility. The conversation around cyber risk prevention can be a confusing topic for businesses to navigate. With momentum and direction, CyberSuite creates a clear journey for their customers to understand and upskill around cyber to unlock the answers and outcomes they need faster. The team adapt the service and experience to support this journey, enabled through education that helps businesses to operate more securely. For Australian businesses, CyberSuite is the starting point for success in cyber risk management, turning complex ideas into simple and successful outcomes that ultimately help them be at their best. 

A shared sense of purpose between the CyberSuite and Emergence brands helps communicate the goal for every business, every broker and each brand—’Be at your best.’ Continuing to drive clients away from a place of fear and into a place of informed empowerment. ‘Be at your best’ is about helping businesses and brokers alike to successfully advise and advocate what their company and clients need when it comes to preventing risks. CyberSuite allows brokers and businesses to break away from uncertainty received from a vast level of varied information and advice from ‘experts’. Instead providing a clear starting point that is simple, clear and directive. This strategic thinking informed the ‘Cycle’, a versatile device that is used within the wordmark and across the entire identity, alongside other visual components—providing guidance to both the broker and broader business markets on their cyber journey.

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the good stuff

  • creative strategy
  • tone of voice
  • brand design
  • brand guidelines
  • art direction

The circle is a simple yet powerful universally recognised symbol with extensive meaning. It can be seen to represent totality, motion, wholeness, growth, original perfection, connection, focus and eternity. We’ve adapted this into the CyberSuite ‘Cycle’. The Cycle is first presented within the word mark, then moves throughout the entire identity—whether in tagline and headlines, overlaid across imagery, or used as a container device to house photography. The Cycle speaks to CyberSuite’s adaptable solutions for business’ no matter what stage they are at, allowing them to move forward with confidence on their journey. As a business grows over time, CyberSuite can offer guidance through a new cycle of cyber that adapts to the changing needs of the business.

The tagline ‘Cyber starts here’ talks to the positioning of CyberSuite as a true and trusted leader; a logical starting point in specialist risk prevention strategies, helping clients to focus on what matters most with the insights and advice they need to be at their best. The Cycle is shown first within the wordmark, and then at the end of the tagline to signify the starting point of the cyber journey. From start to end, it guides businesses and brokers every step of the way. As with Emergence, the wordmark and brand typography incorporate modern, monospaced fonts that reference the digital world alongside contemporary sans serifs that are clean and friendly.

The CyberSuite colour palette combines modern, monochromatic tones with the same orange featured in the Emergence identity—associating both brands with a sense of energised pro-activity, positivity, and utility.

CyberSuite gathers vast amounts of scattered information about cyber insurance and transforms this to deliver clarity around how it works. To represent this visually, various experiments were carried out, applying graphical treatments across icons and photography. We looked at executions including dots formations, ASCII, white noise, grid patterns, pixelation, and Pointillism—a technique of painting in which small, discrete dots work together to create a cohesive larger composition. The resulting imagery is complex, but comprehensible. By defining clarity out of multiple small parts, the chosen graphic treatment conveys a sense of vast scale, momentum, structure, uniqueness and unity.

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