Coast is a new Australian underwriting agency within the ASX-listed Steadfast Group, backed by a trusted team bringing over 25 years of marine insurance experience to the market. Coast will deliver extensive insurance solutions, helping clients across Australia navigate new insurance lines both on land and at sea. The Perth-based team approached Goodwork to develop a new brand for their business.

The expertise and experience in the team behind Coast has helped shape a new insurance solution backed by innovative ideas and trusted, easygoing experts. The team’s proactive approach to servicing brokers, businesses and clients will provide vast insurance solutions that deliver a sense of confidence in cover, especially during times of uncertainty.

To support this, a key attribute of the brand heroes the metaphor of the coast across both its verbal and visual execution. The conversation of land and sea is an important metaphor used to highlight multiple key strengths of the business, while bringing a unique duality to the brand. The approach highlights the team’s marine heritage, while referencing everything on land they’ll look after too. This is communicated in messaging such as, ‘From land to sea, Coast protects the Australian way of life’. The acknowledgement of land and sea conveys the vastness of Coast’s offering, while speaking to a mindset of always searching for new ways to improve their service for clients.

The vastness of the coast reflects not only the brand’s extensive product offering, but the task of protection, as a country with one of the world’s largest coastlines and range of businesses and clients—from pleasure craft yacht clubs through to inner city barber shops. This informed how we positioned Coast as ‘protectors’ who navigate unique insurance needs for clients across Australia. Small and large, far and wide. The hero tagline, ‘Protected by Coast’, further plays to this metaphor of land and sea. 

As Coast ventures into new and unique insurance territory, we saw a great opportunity to play to the notion of discovery and the element of positive surprise clients receive in their experience with Coast. Especially so when discovering all they have to offer. The team want brokers, businesses and direct clients alike to experience this sense of positive surprise working with Coast today, while invoking a sense of curiosity for what’s on offer tomorrow.

The new identity is designed to be slick, modern and focused exclusively on showcasing them as an underwriting agency with a difference. We hero their ease of approach and extensiveness of offer to promote the required / in demand appetite from brokers and businesses alike. Coast will offer products that no other agencies are able to provide in this combination. Because of this approach, and just like the coast itself, we designed the brand to become a destination that brokers, businesses and direct clients alike proactively go to, because they want to. Creating a culture both within and around the business that, like the coast, is a place that we know and love.

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the good stuff

  • brand strategy
  • messaging
  • visual identity
  • brand guidelines

The logo exemplifies the brand name and conveys the core brand message—that Coast is here to protect the vast landscape of life in Australia. The logo can also be seen across the identity in different collateral executions as a dynamic graphic device.

The Coast colour palette is formulated using colourings derived from Australian coastal areas as a nod to Coast’s foundation through marine. When combined together, each variant builds into a gradient that takes influence from wave formations. When used apart, a slither of saturated yellow is introduced to the palette as a visual prompt, suggestive of new and vibrant, future endeavours.

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