Can We is a new brand from leading NSW community health organisation, ACON, focused on cancer screening and prevention for people of diverse sexualities and genders. Building on our existing work with ACON developing The Inner Circle cervical screening brand (winner of the prestigious Good Design Awards® for Communication Design), Can We establishes one place to house every cancer screening and prevention campaign and conversation from ACON—past, present and future.

With community engagement and alignment through both qualitative and quantitative research, community conversation, and focus testing we were able to uncover unique insights to support the direction of our brand development. Aligned to our brand purpose to ‘raise awareness, resulting in action’, the name ‘Can We’ was developed in response to research revealing that LGBTQ communities are at a higher risk of cancer due to a unique clustering of risk factors. These include higher rates of smoking and alcohol consumption, lower breast and cervical screening rates than the general population, plus structural and social barriers contributing to poorer health outcomes. Barriers range from a lack of LGBTQ representation in mainstream health promotion (particularly of trans and gender diverse people), to fear of discrimination and stigma from healthcare providers.

The Can We logo ‘conversation starter’ forms the base of a modular brand system, acting as a creative container to house everything from vibrant community photography to an empowering, encouraging and empathetic tone of voice. The system can present any and all brand elements harmoniously together at a time, as it stacks vertically and horizontally across all digital, print and environmental applications. It enables flexibility while maintaining consistency across the various formats. Additionally it provides a framework to easily dial up or down the volume of each expression from online to OOH.

The Can We brand asks the question of our LGBTQ community, ‘Can We reduce our risk of cancer?’, then provides the platform to raise awareness of cancer screening and prevention, resulting in positive actions towards staying healthy—delivered in a distinctively ACON way. Can We is here to look after and out for the health of our community. We invite you to join us in this movement, as we work together to reduce our community’s risk of cancer.

We’d like to express our gratitude to the team at ACON for the opportunity to continue our support of the LGBTQ community with the development of Can We. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to everyone involved in bringing this brand to life from our wonderful video production partners to our talented photographers and developers.

Photography: Sophie Joyce

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  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Naming and tone of voice
  • Art direction
  • Campaign development

The Can We brand typeface presents a range of condensed and extended fonts. Together, colour and type help bring our brand positioning to life as the ‘collective cause on cancer’.

A functional, black and white primary colour palette informs the structural elements of the brand. Supported by vibrant secondary colours, the extended palette represents personality and heart, founded on the diversity and inclusivity of community.

Community are represented through brand photography. A collection of portraits feature a diverse range of LGBTQ individuals, couples and groups, including culturally and linguistically diverse community members. The personality of the Can We brand is most visibly reflected in the positive and genuine mood of the portraits.

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