it was time to touch on breast cancer.


ACON approached us to discuss how we could best beat breast cancer within the LBQ community. They needed a heroic campaign that would bring greater awareness to the need for regular screening. The reality was that certain risk factors can increase the chance of developing breast cancer, and many of these risk factors were common in the LBQ community. These included smoking and alcohol consumption, with rates being higher for the group. Not many knew this and so it was important the campaign raised awareness of these factors while increasing screening rates as a whole.


Our journey with ACON saw us dive deep into research within the local LBQ community. We then backed this up by surfacing breast practice examples (oops, *best practice) both locally and abroad of breast cancer campaigns that have achieved the right balance of raising awareness and rewarding audiences with unique content. While these campaigns were common across the general population, targeting to the LBQ community was rare. So off we went to create a campaign that would bring our community together in the name of beating breast cancer, unique to us. Introducing ‘Our United Front’ – together, we are stronger and ‘Our United Front’ represents exactly that. It is a celebration of the spirit of collaboration in community, in being there for each other and in helping everyone to see that regular screening is something that simply cannot be overlooked. ‘Our United Front’ gathers personalities from across the community from dykes on bikes to hiking groups, sharing unique stories with a common theme on the need to screen. A rousing script carries the creative, and brings the community together as one united front against breast cancer.

that’s goodwork

At goodwork, we’re committed to the creative journeys of our clients. This new campaign for ACON saw us build on our existing client relationship to create a shift in perspective within the LBQ community around the importance of breast cancer screening. We’re proud to play our part in supporting this wonderful organisation in this most important cause.

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